I’ve been stabilized. Now what?

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  1. Login to your SALT account.
  2. On your dashboard, you should see that you have been stabilized in the Loan Health module.
  3. Click Manage LTV in the Loan Health module or click the Loan tab in the top navigation bar to navigate to the Loan Status page.
  4. You will see your LTV has exceeded 90.91%. You will also see the value of your collateral at the point of stabilization in the Stabilization Event module.
  5. Navigate to your collateral wallets by clicking the Wallets tab in the top navigation bar.
  6. Notice that all of you collateral has been converted to USDC. You should see balances of 0 in all of your wallets except for USDC.
  7. You can stay in stabilization mode for as long as you like. When you are ready to hold volitile assets again, you can become eligible to convert back by either paying down your principal balance or depositing more collateral. You must achieve an 83.33% or below LTV in order to convert back.

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