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Borrow against your crypto

Why sell your crypto when you can borrow against it? Use your crypto as collateral for a stablecoin loan to make a big purchase, start a business, or invest in more crypto. Our loans allow you to achieve your goals without having to sell your assets. And now you can complete the entire loan process through the SALT mobile app.
Help me HODL

Track your loan health

We know the crypto market changes so fast that it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we send you real-time alerts via call, text, and push notifications, making it easy to track the health of your loan from anywhere.
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Manage your loan

Our mobile app allows you to manage your loan from anywhere. Track your loan health, deposit more assets, request a withdrawal, update your notification settings, or contact support right from your mobile device.

Preserve and grow your wealth

SALT Stabilization preserves the value of your crypto portfolio in a market downturn and gives you an opportunity to grow your holdings by re-entering the market when you feel the time is right. Reduce stress, not the value of your crypto.
How It Works
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