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About SALT

SALT lets you leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans. We make it easy to get money to spend without having to sell your favorite investment.


Easy application, fast approval, and no credit checks.

Get cash deposited directly into your bank account.


Competitive interest rates with no prepayment fees.

Maintain your position and avoid less-than-optimal tax events.


Freedom to get your assets back whenever you want.

Cash to spend however you want.

SALT streamlines every step of the loan. We've simplified the application process by focusing on the value of the borrower’s blockchain assets instead of their credit score. Borrowers are automatically matched with capital from our extensive network of lenders. SALT keeps collateral assets safe in a fully-audited, ultra-secure architecture during the life of the loan so members can borrow with confidence.

The Future of Blockchains

Diamonds, deeds, derivatives...the world’s assets are migrating to blockchains. SALT is the only platform built to facilitate loans secured by this rapidly expanding class of assets.

Collateral > Credit Score

In the past, the difficulty and costs of liquidating, transferring, and storing assets has required lenders to focus on the creditworthiness of their borrower as well as the value of their borrower’s assets. This inefficiency results in limited accessibility to cash and higher interest rates for borrowers.

Distributed ledgers represent a paradigm shift in the storage and transfer of assets and, for the first time in history, there is a perfect form of collateral: blockchain assets. SALT is pioneering an evolutionary leap for lending in which the value of a borrower’s assets are fully recognized and credit history is made irrelevant.

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Value Tiers and Products



  • Term Financing
  • Access up to $10,000
  • Spend: USD
  • 3-24 Month Terms
  • 1 SALT Token/year



  • Term Financing & Line of Credit
  • Access up to $100,000
  • Spend: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, RMB
  • 1 hour - 36 Month Terms
  • 30 SALT Tokens/year


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  • Term Financing & Line of Credit
  • Access to over $100,000
  • Spend: Ad Hoc Currency Selection
  • Metered Terms
  • Contact for Pricing
No Prepayment Penalties
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