Licensing and Registrations

SALT Lending LLC holds consumer lending licenses in the following states:

State License* License Type Status
Arizona CL-0949541 Consumer Lender Active
California 60DBO-87584 Consumer Finance Lender Suspended
District of Columbia ML1711910 Money Lender Active
Illinois CI.0004527-H Consumer Installment Lender Active
Iowa NRR-2018-0116
Non-Resident Regulated Loan Company Branch
Master Loan Company
Kansas NOT.0026561 Consumer Credit Notification Receipt Active
Maine SLM14533 Supervised Lender Active
Michigan RL-0025685 Regulatory Loan Active
Missouri 510-21-8823
Consumer Installment Lender
Consumer Credit Loan
Montana 1711910 Consumer Loan Active
New Jersey L070656 Consumer Lending Active
Oklahoma SL008492 Supervised Lender Active
South Carolina CGL-140767 Consumer Credit Grantor Active
Tennessee 173587 Industrial Loan and Thrift Company Active
Utah N/A
Consumer Credit Notification
Commercial Financing Registration
Wyoming CL-4284 Consumer Lending License Active

*Please click the license number to view the copy of the license

SALT Lending’s affiliate, SALT Platform, LLC, is registered as a money service business with the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Registration No. 31000213435971.

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