Licensing and Registrations

SALT Lending LLC holds consumer lending licenses in the following states:

State License* License Type Status
Arizona CL-0949541 Consumer Lender Active
California 60DBO-87584 Consumer Finance Lender Suspended
Colorado SUP-4000032 Supervised Lender Active
District of Columbia ML1711910 Money Lender Active
Illinois CI.0004527-H Consumer Installment Lender Active
Iowa NRR-2018-0116 Non-Resident Regulated Loan Company Branch Active
Iowa 88893485 Master Loan Company Active
Kansas NOT.0026561 Consumer Credit Notification Receipt Active
Maine OCR14469 General Creditor Active
Maine SLM14533 Supervised Lender Active
Missouri 510-21-8823
Consumer Installment Lender
Consumer Credit Loan
Montana 1711910 Consumer Loan Active
New Jersey L070656 Consumer Lending Active
Oklahoma SL008492 Supervised Lender Active
South Carolina CGL-140767 Consumer Credit Grantor Active
Tennessee 173587 Industrial Loan and Thrift Company Active
Utah N/A Consumer Credit Notification Active
Wyoming CL-4284 Consumer Lending License Active

*Please click the license number to view the copy of the license

SALT Lending’s affiliate, SALT Platform, LLC, is registered as a money service business with the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Registration No. 31000213435971.

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