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Welcome to the future of digital asset management. At SALT Lending, we're excited to unveil our latest innovation – the SALT LEND Program. Designed for the savvy accredited investor, our program offers a unique opportunity to put your digital assets to work with an opportunity to earn attractive Annual Percentage Yields. Only $10,000 minimum required.
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The world of digital asset lending is evolving, and so are your opportunities. If you're an accredited investor ready to explore new horizons, the SALT LEND Program could be your next step.
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*SALT Lending operates in full compliance with US accredited investor and solicitation laws. This invitation to register interest is not an offer or solicitation to purchase securities. Further details about the program will be provided following compliance with regulatory requirements.

Why Join the SALT LEND Program?

Transparent Yield

Earn a transparent yield based on SALT’s overcollateralized loan book, free from complex trading mechanisms.

Attractive Returns

Leverage the existing loan demand to transform your stablecoin assets into a high-yielding investment.

Earn Predictability

Secure a steady, predictable monthly return on your USDC and USDT investments to simplify your financial plan.

Effortless Process

Navigate your investment journey with ease using our user-friendly platform, designed for hassle-free management.

Optimized Security

Protect your crypto investments with SALT's advanced Secure Asset Funding Environment (S.A.F.E.).

Compliance Assurance

Invest with confidence, backed by SALT's commitment to regulatory compliance and thorough documentation.

Who Can Participate?

  • The SALT LEND Program is tailored for accredited investors (individual or corporate) looking to diversify their portfolio while leveraging their digital assets for an attractive yield.
  • The investment opportunities are in compliance with US regulations and we ensure a secure and lawful investment environment.
  • $10,000 minimum required

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