SALT Stabilization preserves the value of your crypto portfolio in the midst of a market downturn and provides you with an opportunity to re-enter the market when you think the time is right.
Man relaxing knowing that his assets will not be liquidated and instead be converted to stablecoin during a market crash

The Benefits

Preserve Wealth

We convert your portfolio to USDC to preserve its value during a market downturn.

Reduce Stress

Stabilization buys you time to manage your loan during a market crash and re-enter the market when you think the time is right.

Grow Holdings

Convert your portfolio back to its original crypto mix when the market is down to increase your total holdings.

How Does Stabilization Work?

When the market starts crashing and your Loan-to-Value ratio (LTV) reaches 90.91%, we convert your entire crypto portfolio to USDC to preserve its value.* Once you reduce your LTV to 83.33% or below by making a payment or depositing additional collateral, you’ll have the opportunity to re-enter the market.
Competitor's Method
Competitor's liquidation chart
SALT's Method
SALT Stabilization chart
*Subject to market availability. Transaction fees apply.

I've been stabilized, now what?

Stabilization has bought you time to watch the market and strategize for how you want to re-enter. Simply cure your LTV or pay down the balance of your loan to achieve an LTV of 83.33% or lower, and you will be able to swap back into a collateral mix of your choice.* If you time it right, you may be able to increase your holdings and watch your wealth continue to grow with the market.
Convert back to volatile assets any time
Re-entry point #1
Re-entry point #2
Re-entry point #3
Competitor's Method
25 BTC
30 BTC
15 BTC
4.2 BTC
*Subject to market availability. Transaction fees apply.
This allows you to preserve the value of your crypto portfolio in a market downturn with less worry.
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Based on 3 years of market data and volatility, if you had a loan over the last
1095 Days
There is a high chance your loan collateral would have been
Based on your loan terms and the number of days market volatility would have negatively impacted your loan-to-value ratio, liquidation of your portfolio was likely.

Estimates based on historical averages, individual results vary based on collateral type, loan terms, borrower maintenance, among other factors.
Chances of liquidation based on LTV
67% Chance
70% LTV
Loan Term: 1 Year
49% Chance
50% LTV
Loan Term: 1 Year
8% Chance
30% LTV
Loan Term: 1 Year
Based on the above data
If you had a $50k loan at a 50% LTV
Rocking 50-50 Scale
There's a 50/50 chance you would have
lost $75k
of your crypto wealth by paying off your loan

How SALT Stabilization preserves your crypto portfolio

SALT Stabilization not only preserves the current value of your crypto portfolio, but it also preserves the value of your potential future gains
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