Promo Code Terms and Conditions

  • Unless otherwise stated, promo codes cannot be applied to loans with a principal amount of $50,000 or more.
  • Only one (1) promo code may be redeemed per user account/per household/per promotion.
  • Promo codes that offer a percent off apply to the base interest rate. For example, if the standard interest rate for a $5,000 loan is 6% and a promo code is for 2% off, the interest rate on the same loan would be 4%. Others fees still apply.
  • Promo codes are not transferable or redeemable for cash or credit.
  • Promo codes are only valid on term loans offered through the Salt platform.
  • Promo codes are no longer valid after the stated expiration date.
  • Certain exclusion may apply to promo codes. See the specific details of the promo code for exclusions.
  • To apply a promo code, you must enter it prior to completing the loan application.
  • Promo codes do not constitute the offer, availability, or application for a loan. Loan options and terms selected may not be available in your jurisdiction, for your loan amount, and or collateral type.
  • SALT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MODIFY OR DISCONTINUE PRODUCTS AND BENEFITS AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE. Available rates and terms are subject to change and may vary based on loan amount, qualifications, and collateral profile. Available rates may be subject to other terms, conditions, and limitations. Loan approval subject to AML, KYC, collateral verification, and other screening. Other terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.
  • Salt Loans are subject to jurisdictional limitations. Salt may not be able to offer a loan to all borrowers. Please see the portal for additional information on loans available in your area.
  • Telegram Customer Appreciation Promotion Specific Terms:
    • Qualifying borrowers will receive up to 500,000 sats (.005 BTC) into his or her SALT Bitcoin collateral wallet after 3 monthly loan payments on a qualifying loan.
    • A loan is not eligible for the reward if there is a default, full loan payoff, or refinancing prior to the 3rd monthly loan payment.
    • Minimum initial principal loan amount to qualify is US$10,000. There is no maximum loan size cap to qualify for this promotion.
    • This promotion will end the earlier of the expiration date or once US$10,000 in BTC rewards have been granted.

Additional Terms for the August-23-USDC promotion

The following Promo-Specific Terms apply to this promotion:

  • This promotion code will expire on September 8th, 2023 at midnight GMT.
  • The promotion code is valid only on qualifying loans. To be a qualifying loan: (a) the loan amount must meet or exceed 2,500 USD, (b) the loan must be initiated using the promotion code, (c) the loan must be active on or prior to the expiration date and (d) the loan must remain open for at least 90 days.
  • This promotion code can be applied only to the first 50 loans originated using the promotion code, unless the promotion is extended in SALT Lending’s sole discretion.