These detailed guidelines will help you utilize and extend our new brand identity into all our touchpoints. Because a strong brand relies on the cumulative effect of a consistent look, tone and feel, we have developed cohesive standards across all channels. We ask for your help to uphold these standards.

Thank you!

Brand Colors

Primary color scheme

SALT’s brand colors are the personification of our brand tone of voice. When creating graphic assets, it is extremely important to hero our core brand colors as much as possible and utilize supporting hues sparingly to enhance brand identity.
SALT Primary Color Scheme - SALT Dark Night
SALT Primary Color Scheme - SALT Light Grey
SALT Primary Color Scheme - Electric Mint

Secondary color scheme

Complementary color scheme that build contrast between the brand elements across the compositions. These, like the “Electric Mint” serves as an accent to generate contrast and highlight certain elements in the composition. E.g. Links, buttons, background elements and call to actions.
SALT Secondary Color Scheme - Electric Lime
SALT Secondary Color Scheme - Sapphire
SALT Secondary Color Scheme - Midnight Express
SALT Secondary Color Scheme - Cyber Grape
SALT Secondary Color Scheme - Periwinkle
SALT Secondary Color Scheme - Aqua
SALT Secondary Color Scheme - Deep Coral
SALT Secondary Color Scheme - Creamsicle



Loans Backed By Crypto

Body Copy

We are a global blockchain technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to benefit from their cryptocurrency holdings and the blockchain economy at large.
DM Sans

Logo Usage

For light backgrounds
For dark backgrounds

Using the SALT Name

When writing out our name, use “SALT”, not “Salt” or “salt”. You do not need to space out the letters or use the delta symbol.

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