Become a SALT Authorized Partner

Earn 1% of the Total Loan Amount on Any Loan Origination that You Refer
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How Does It Work?

Earn 1% of the loan amount of each origination within 12 months

Calculate Your Earnings

*This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and may not apply to your individual circumstances. The earning projection figure is estimated using the standard partner rate for SALT Affiliates.


Why Become a SALT Authorized Partner?

Generate Recurring Income

Simply share your link and earn for every customer you refer to SALT

Best in Class Payout Percentage

Earn 1% of the total loan amount, paid out monthly, over time for any loan you refer

Real Time Reporting

Track your referral in real-time with our authorized partner dashboard

More Than an Affiliate Program

At SALT Lending we’ve been hard at work designing an affiliate program that would match the professionalism and innovation that is the SALT brand. Once down this path, we realized that a traditional “affiliate program” where we offered fifty bucks to someone that referred us a loan wasn’t good enough. It felt cheap. It didn’t feel like a relationship where an “affiliate” would get excited about our mission or our unique tech and it certainly didn’t feel like a partnership. After all this is Crypto. A space where everything gets an overhaul, a space where anything can be done differently, so we figured it was time to re-imagine what it means to be an “affiliate”.
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Crypto influencer applying to the SALT Authorized partner program on desktop

Who Would Make a Great Authorized Partner?

At SALT Lending we don't just want "affiliates", we want partners. We want partners that we can trust, we want partners that understand Crypto, that understand what it means to HODL, partners that are passionate about our brand, our mission and our tech. We want SALT Authorized Partners and we want those partners to share in our mutual success. Therefore, we have designed the SALT Authorized Partner Program in a way that allows you the ability to earn RESIDUAL income on any loan you refer to us. You heard correctly. SALT Authorized Partners earn a percentage of the total loan amount, paid out monthly, over time for any loan they refer.

Applying is Easy

Getting started is easy and you can apply online, so if you're interested and think you have what it takes to be a SALT Authorized Partner please click the link below where you'll be redirected to our Impact signup page.
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