Unveiling Our New User Tours – Simplifying Your Journey

Published Date: March 5, 2024

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation at SALT Lending – User Tours, tailored to enhance your navigation through our platform and streamline your experience during various financial scenarios. With a commitment to user empowerment and education, these tours provide clear guidance and support, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools necessary to manage your investments confidently.

The Essence of User Tours

In the realm of crypto-backed lending, understanding the nuances of loan management and the actions required during specific scenarios is crucial. Everyone can benefit from some guidance from newcomers to seasoned borrowers, whether it’s maintaining a healthy loan, navigating margin calls, or understanding loan stabilization processes. Our User Tours are here to illuminate these paths, offering a hands-on, informative experience.

Tailored Tours for Every Need

Each User Tour is crafted to address the unique aspects and challenges you might face on our platform:

  • Home Tour: Kickstart your SALT journey with an overview of our platform designed to welcome and orient new users.
  • Healthy Loan Tour: This tour welcomes new borrowers with a step-by-step guide through essential features and actions to maintain loan health.
  • Warning Tour: Specifically focused on preparing you for potential stabilization events, this tour educates borrowers on what stabilization means, when it could happen, and proactive measures to avoid it.
  • Margin Call Tour: Designed to demystify the margin call process, this tour offers straightforward guidance on effectively managing and addressing margin calls.
  • Stabilization Tour: If your loan reaches stabilization, this tour explains your options and the steps you can take to navigate the situation.
  • Convert Tour: Tailored for users looking to convert their collateral balance from USDC back to other assets like Bitcoin and Ether, this tour shows you precisely where and how conversions can be done, ensuring you make informed decisions about your collateral.

Empowering Your Financial Decisions

Our ultimate goal with User Tours is to empower you, the borrower, with the confidence to make informed financial decisions. By providing a guided, interactive learning experience, we aim to enhance your understanding of our platform’s features and the critical aspects of loan management.

Your Journey, Supported

We are here to support you as you explore these new features. Your feedback is crucial, allowing us to continuously improve and tailor our services to meet your needs better. We are committed to ensuring your experience with SALT Lending is positive, enriching, and empowering.

We encourage you to dive into these User Tours and discover how they can transform your platform experience. This initiative is just one of the many ways we strive to support your financial journey with more innovative solutions on the horizon.

Thank you for being a part of SALT Lending. Here’s to a future where navigating the complexities of crypto-backed lending is straightforward and empowering.

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