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If you own SALT Tokens, there are all sorts of ways you can use them on our platform.
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How to use SALT on our platform

Increase Your Rewards Rate

Redeem SALT at the time of origination in exchange for a higher rewards rate.

Pay Fees

Use SALT Tokens to pay for any fees related to our products or services.

Loan Collateral

SALT Tokens can comprise up to 20% of your collateral portfolio securing your loan.

Pay Loan Interest

We accept SALT as a form of payment for interest on your loan.
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SALT Token Facts and Figures as of October 25, 2021

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Circulating Supply


Company Treasury




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Our Story

History of the SALT Token

In 2016 when the idea for SALT was born, our vision was to create a membership-based platform that would enable crypto holders like you to borrow against your cryptoassets. As part of this vision, we created the SALT Token– an Ethereum-based ERC-20 digital asset token designed for use within our platform– and issued these tokens in 2017. As a SALT Token holder, you were considered a member of the SALT platform and could use your tokens as a platform currency or to get discounts on loan products. Today you are no longer required to own SALT Tokens to engage with our platform, but as outlined in our white paper, current SALT Token holders can still use their tokens to interact with our platform and reduce costs on our current products and services.
The use of SALT Tokens is subject in all respects to the SALT Token Terms & Conditions, which are available at https://saltlending.com/salt-token-terms-and-conditions. Digital currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the United States or any other government, and SALT accounts are not subject to FDIC or SIPC protections. To learn more about the SALT Token, please be sure to review the Form 10 Registration Statement along with other reports we file with the SEC and available through the SEC’s website located at www.sec.gov, including the risk factors set forth in Item 1A of the Form 10 and in other reports we file with the SEC.

Don't own any SALT?

That’s okay! We can still offer you competitive rate on personal and business loans.