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Harness your Hash Power & Multiply Your Bitcoin

Welcome to SALT Lending's Treasury Management Solution, a first-of-its-kind platform specifically designed by miners, for miners.

By partnering with Luxor, we are paving the way to efficient treasury management, providing an avenue for you to create operational liquidity while maximizing your bitcoin holdings.

Be Your Own Lender & Multiply Your Bitcoin

The SALT Treasury Management Solution for Miners empowers you to retain and grow your bitcoin assets. Redirect your hash power towards your SALT collateral wallet and stack Sats securely.

With our Luxor partnership, you can diversify your hashrate, minimize pool fees to as low as 0.60%, and keep stacking those Sats.

Our Treasury Management Solution not only helps you increase your bottom line but also provides an efficient avenue to fund your operational expenses and expansion plans, helping you become your own lender.

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Transparent & Automated Lending

At SALT, we believe in transparency and convenience. We have eliminated hidden fees from our system, meaning no refinance fees, and no prepayment penalties. Set your loan on auto-pilot, treating it as a line of credit, and avail amazing discounts exclusive to miner operators.

Preserving and maintaining your liquidity is a breeze with SALT. We offer a unique Stabilization feature to manage your liquidity, allowing you to stabilize and preserve your treasury even when mining to your SALT wallet falls short.

Discover how our Treasury Management for Miners page can assist you.

Customize Your Loan with Our Enrollment Tiers

Base 1 - 10 PH/s or Equivalent
Select 10.1 - 30 PH/s or Equivalent
Vision 30.1 - 60 PH/s or Equivalent
Choice 60.1 - 100 PH/s or Equivalent
Elevate 100.1 - 500 PH/s or Equivalent
Premier 500.1 PH/s - 1 EH/s or Equivalent
To find out the latest Pool Fee Cost % of Mining Reward rates for each tier above, please schedule a call.
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*Available rates and terms are subject to change and may vary based on loan amount, qualifications, jurisdictions, and collateral profile. Other terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.
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At SALT Lending, we're reshaping the future of crypto lending and treasury management. Safely store your bitcoin in our institutional-grade storage, maximize your assets, and drive your business growth.

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