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Secure Your Financial Goals Without Liquidating Your Crypto

SALT's Treasury Management Tool allows you to leverage existing crypto assets as collateral for a loan or line of credit. Key advantages include:
  • Efficient management of taxable events*
  • Access to capital
  • Preserve liquidity and reduce liquidation risks
  • Automate your loan management, treat it like a line of credit
  • HODL more crypto to possibly gain considerable value during a bull market using our tools.
*Speak with your tax advisor to understand your potential tax situation.
Smart Utilization of Your Crypto

Preserve Your Wealth

In uncertain market conditions, we convert your portfolio to USDC to protect its value.

Sleep Well at Night

Our stabilization feature helps manage your loan during a market crash, allowing re-entry at an opportune moment.

Grow Your Holdings

Convert your portfolio back to its original crypto mix when the market is down to increase your total holdings.


How It Works
Access Liquidity in 4 Steps

Set up a SALT Account

Create a SALT account and complete identity verification

Customize Your Loan

Select your borrowing preferences and submit your loan application

Transfer Your Collateral

Send assets to your SALT collateral wallet

Leverage Loan Funds

Send assets to your SALT collateral wallet


Leverage Your Crypto Assets for Mining Purchasing Power with SALT

SALT Lending gives you access to capital based on your crypto holdings.

We lend out stablecoin against crypto deposits, enabling the funds needed to operate and expand your business. We provide technologies to manage and protect your crypto assets in any market condition.
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