Episode 06
Singing the Praises of Bitcoin

Tatiana Moroz
Founder of Tatiana Coin and Crypto Media Hub
We talked with artist and crypto influencer, Tatiana Moroz. She explained the basic principles and benefits of her cryptocurrency, Tatiana Coin, and showed us the positive effect women and artists are having on the blockchain space.
Tatiana Moroz is a soulful and outspoken singer-songwriter, and one of the pioneering artists in the Bitcoin and activist communities. Following the release of several independently produced LPs, EPs and singles, Tatiana’s album, “Keep The Faith,” was funded by cryptocurrency and released in 2017. Her music is a fresh take on the folk style of the revolutionary ’60s and ’70s, an original blend of pop, rock, blues, and alt country. Tatiana is the creator of TatianaCoin, the world’s first-ever musical artist cryptocurrency. Tatiana Coin and other artist coins allow fans to connect directly with artists for direct sales, engagement, and special experiences uniquely enabled by blockchain tech that can create a peer-to-peer ecosystem foe the music world. A driving force in the industry, Tatiana is also the Founder of Crypto Media Hub, a PR, marketing and advertising agency for the Bitcoin space and beyond. Additionally, her podcast, “The Tatiana Show,” streams on several media outlets including the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network and is quickly growing.