Episode 03
The Tightrope of Economics

Jeffrey Tucker
Editorial Director and VP of American Institute For Economic Research
Jeffrey Tucker explains his overarching theory of knowledge with regards to economy, government, and, of course, cryptocurrency. Hear his opinion on the past and future of technology and society in this episode of WYS.
Jeffrey Tucker is a former Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education. He is the Editorial Director at the American Institute for Economic Research, a managing partner of Vellum Capital, the founder of Liberty.me, Distinguished Honorary Member of Mises Brazil, economics adviser to FreeSociety.com, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, an advisor to the blockchain application builder Factom, and the author of five books including A Beautiful Anarchy: How to Create Your Own Civilization in the Digital Age.