Episode 9

Episode Summary

  • Celsius Refinancing Updates:

    • Deadline for data sharing authorization with Celsius was February 23rd.

    • Currently verifying information and preparing for refinancing process.

    • Key deadlines: Completing irrevocable agreement by March 15th.

  • Upcoming Promotion:

    • Accredited investors can earn rates up to 12% on USD, USDC, and USDT.

    • Promotion launches on March 1st, limited capacity.

    • Visit saltlending.com/lend for more details.

  • ETHDenver Event Highlights:

    • Exciting atmosphere with many attendees from around the world.

    • 20,000 plus people in town

    • Discussions on cross-chain projects and financial ecosystem growth.

    • Friday is SALT’s event invitation-only, DM for details.

  • Origin Stories:

    • Shawn and Hunter share their journeys into the crypto space.

    • Dan talks about his entry, fueled by curiosity and investment opportunities.

  • Future of Finance:

    • Focus on empowering individuals through financial tools and services.

    • Hybrid future combining traditional and crypto finance for global accessibility and wealth building.

  • Salt's Role:

    • Expanding services to include lending and yield generation opportunities.

    • Strategic focus on liquidity to offer competitive rates for borrowers and lenders.

    • Continuous efforts to streamline refinancing process.

    • Exciting opportunities for investors with upcoming promotion.

    • Denver event fosters discussion on industry growth and future finance landscape.

  • LEND - New and Exciting Scaling Opportunity:

    • We're thrilled to announce our plans to scale out lending opportunities

    • meeting the high demand for safe crypto and dollar asset saving options.

    • Despite prevailing high rates, we're committed to offering better rates than anyone else by expanding our lender base.

    • Interested in participating? Visit http://saltlending.com/LEND to explore the opportunity.

    • Note: KYC and qualifications are required due to jurisdictional requirements.

    • Our goal is to provide the best experience for participants by building a robust capital stream within our system.

    • Our newly rolled-out product offers secured loans, ensuring investment protection within Salt's ecosystem.

    • Opportunity for Investors: This product is a secure alternative for those holding cash, traditional CDs, or high yield savings accounts.

    • Keep an eye out for emails starting March 1st to enroll in the LEND program.

  • Conclusion and Exciting Journey Ahead: Stay tuned for the closure of the Celsius Refinance and the launch of new exciting ventures in March. Thank you for your time and support!

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