Episode 7

Episode Summary

  • Key Deadlines and Milestones:

    • Deadline on February 23rd for completing the data sharing agreement to specify the refinance provider of choice.

    • Deadline on March 15th to sign the irrevocable direction agreement authorizing Celsius to pay out the principal and excess collateral to the lender of choice.

  • Celsius Refinance Process & Recommendations:

    • The process involves completing agreements and providing necessary information via Stretto and Salt, with coordination between parties to start refinancing.

    • It was suggested to reach out to Stretto if the data sharing agreement email was not received.

    • Questions were addressed regarding market volatility affecting payoff amounts and timelines.

    • A loan refinance calculator was mentioned, accessible via email request to [email protected].

    • Suggestions were made to expedite the process by completing agreements quickly.

    • Participants discussed potential Bitcoin market corrections and strategies for loan refinancing.

    • Tony shared insights on the loan transfer process and Bitcoin market dynamics.

    • Details about the loan refinance options with Salt, including interest rates, payment options, and flexibility with collateral, were provided.

  • Benefits of Choosing SALT vs. Competitors:

    • The benefits of Salt's stabilization technology in protecting collateral value during market volatility were highlighted.

    • Reiterated to borrowers to reach out to SALT who will work with them on an individual basis for refinancing with SALT.

  • In Conclusion:

    • Participants were encouraged to reach out for further assistance or clarification on loan refinance options.

    • The episode concluded with a reminder to stay informed, engaged, and proactive in the refinancing process.

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