Episode 3

Episode Summary

  • Market Health and Lending Dynamics:

    • Salt aims for market health, managing interest rates based on borrower and lender demand.

    • Discussions for informational purposes, not investment advice.

  • Loan Program Overview:

    • Program for exposure and yield from over collateralized loan books.

    • Starts with USDC, USDT, USD, expanding later.

    • Interested parties encouraged to visit the landing page.

  • California Engagement:

    • Engaging with California regulators, optimistic about resolution.

    • Commitment to servicing loans in California.

  • Refinancing and Regulation:

    • Borrowers to reach out to Salt for refinancing.

    • Highlights regulatory challenges and educational efforts.

  • Support and Transparency:

    • Stresses ongoing human support and transparency.

    • Maintaining a human element in customer support.

  • Group Discount Program:

    • Estimates $50 million in signed loans.

    • Accurate figures in 30 days, discounted rates applied when loans go live.

  • Closing Remarks:

    • Calls for ongoing engagement, welcomes questions, emphasizes community feedback.

    • Acknowledges messages, encourages preparation for loan paperwork.

  • Appreciation and Sign-off:

    • Expresses gratitude, looks forward to overcoming challenges, appreciates community support.

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