Episode 2

Episode Summary

  • Celsius Refinance Focus:

    • Closing dates emphasized, signaling intentions to Celsius by January 17th.

    • Process details for loan payoff plans and refinancing coordination.

  • Mechanical Process for Refinancing:

    • Specific steps outlined for borrowers.

    • Upcoming communication from Celsius simplifying options to a yes/no response.

  • Collaboration with Celsius:

    • Coordination efforts highlighted for loan payoffs and potential collaboration on direct earn payouts.

  • Operational Timelines:

    • Confirmation of key dates - January 17th and January 31st.

  • Options for Borrowers:

    • Clarification on choices - loan payoff, refinancing, or extension.

    • Focus on individual circumstances for the best outcome.

  • Transparency and Trust:

    • Acknowledgment of collateral security concerns.

    • Ongoing efforts to enhance trust communicated.

  • Proof of Reserves and Audits:

    • Recognition of transparency importance.

    • Discussion on challenges involved in implementing proof of reserves or public audits.

  • Regulatory Updates:

    • No disclosed restrictions affecting customers.

    • Emphasis on maintaining a positive relationship with regulators.

  • Custody Concerns:

    • Acknowledgment of concerns about leaving crypto assets in custody.

    • Balancing security, trust, and customer preferences ongoing.

  • Future Product Offerings:

    • Teasers about upcoming product releases.

    • Mention of the Salt Lend Program and potential expansions.

  • Closing Remarks and Next Steps:

    • Gratitude for questions and engagement.

    • Commitment to ongoing communication.

    • Encouragement to join future sessions for updates.

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