Episode 10

Episode Summary

  • ETHDenver Recap

    • The team recaps their recent presence at Denver, highlighting increased developer attendance and continued interest in layer two technologies.

    • Topics include Bitcoin layer two developments, social media integration with blockchain, and advancements in decentralized AI.

  • Bitcoin Price Surge

    • Discussions revolve around the latest Bitcoin surge, exploring its impact and potential actions for investors.

    • Market sentiment suggests a bullish outlook, with anticipation of increased retail participation and continued institutional interest in Bitcoin.

  • Celsius Refinance Updates

    • Updates on the Celsius refi process are provided, with indications of progress towards completion within the month.

    • Questions regarding potential deadline extensions for the Celsius refi process and backup plans for California licensing are addressed.

    • Listeners are encouraged to contact SALT's support team for any further inquiries or assistance with loan paperwork.

    • Participants discuss the delay in Celsius loans, mentioning technical issues and logistical challenges.

    • Concerns about liquidation risk and confusion regarding refinancing options are raised.

    • Mechanics of refinancing process are explained, emphasizing risk mitigation and borrower-centric approach.

  • Q&A Session:

    • Questions about tax implications of Celsius losses and SALT's utility token are addressed.

    • SALT's offering of 12% APY on stablecoins for accredited investors is highlighted.

    • Plans for California residents unable to refinance with SALT are discussed, with emphasis on contingency plans.

    • Participants are encouraged to reach out to SALT for further assistance and information.

  • Closing Remarks:

    • Contact information for SALT's sales and support teams at [email protected] and [email protected].

    • Details about SALT's lending product and current offering are reiterated and more can be learned at https://saltlending.com/lend.

    • Appreciation for participants and encouragement to stay informed and engaged with SALT's updates.