SALT Expands Lending Opportunities to Businesses in Australia

Having participated this week in the ADC Global Blockchain Summit held in conjunction with the South Australian Government and the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) in Adelaide, SALT is actively incorporating its technology services into the burgeoning Australian market. With a particular focus on strategies and practical applications for business growth via blockchain technologies and systems, SALT spoke to the Summit’s key topics from experience intersecting business, public policy, and the regulatory environment.

Australia has demonstrated a keen interest in developing its blockchain industry. The Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology today announced a blockchain roadmap with AU$100,000 in federal funding for “regulation, skills and capacity building, innovation, investment, and international competitiveness and collaboration.” Working directly with blockchain businesses at the ADC Summit, SALT is deploying its Software as a Service packages, which allow traditional companies to easily add cryptocurrency and blockchain offerings into their product portfolio including lending technology, wallets, monitoring, and blockchain analysis. With Australia’s continued commitment to developing blockchain services responsibly, SALT looks forward to working with interested parties and stakeholders across the Australian market to bring their vision into reality.

Crypto companies looking for extra liquidity to expand their businesses, such as exchanges or mining companies, can join SALT and apply for a crypto-backed loan.

As SALT continues to grow, we remain focused on further expanding our technology products, allowing both crypto and traditional companies to integrate blockchain services into their software stacks.

Recap: Australian Leadership Retreat 2018

SALT Lending attended the 2018 Australian Leadership Retreat, organized by the ADC Forum, in the Gold Coast of Australia. The four-day event hosted leaders from various fields including politics, academia, and financial services to discuss the current challenges facing the country. An ongoing shift in world
politics, along with advancements in technology, requires Australia to prepare for a new and uncertain future. Each session in the conference was followed by lengthy dialogue and welcomed thought-provoking questions. This was not a presentation on the solution, but rather an engaging discussion with a common goal in mind.

On the educational front, university leaders shared their thoughts on how best to prepare students for this new wave of technology, including areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. From designing new courses to exploring industry partnerships, educational innovation is of
utmost importance. A lack of proper schooling could leave students with misaligned skillsets as they begin their post-university career search. In addition to addressing formal educational programs, the city of Adelaide is planning to host a blockchain conference in early 2019 — one that is expected to be well attended.

The Australian Leadership Retreat 2018 in Gold Coast, Queensland
Despite being a relatively new technology, blockchain was met with receptivity and openness. Several panels were dedicated to blockchain-related topics, which were followed by many discussions filled with intrigue and support. There is a growing community of blockchain companies currently operating in Australia, providing a meaningful opportunity for the country to position itself as a leader in the space.

We at SALT Lending look forward to following the continued progress in Australia and thank the ADC Forum for an incredible event.

Disclaimer: Any opinions, statements, or views expressed in this video belong solely to the participants and do not necessarily reflect the position, policy, or opinion of SALT Lending or any subsidiary entity.