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Announcing 24/7 Member Support

Published Date: June 15, 2018

Member Support 24/7 — Growing with the Community

We understand that navigating the ins and outs of blockchain technology can be difficult. Although we love the technology, we want to be certain that we are doing everything possible to make the SALT experience pleasant for our members rather than interacting with a faceless technology company.

At SALT Blockchain Lending, creating real connections with our members is essential to our day to day work. Ensuring our team has the necessary tools to develop and nurture relationships with our community is critical to our success. With that, we’re happy to announce that SALT Members will now enjoy 24/7 email support. This expansion of our service is the first vital step to create lasting relationships with our members.

Staffing for the 24/7 support structure, we have expanded our Member Support team with additional resources in complimentary time zones. In building a team in the Asian Pacific (APAC), along with a greater expansion of our team in the Republic of Mauritius, we will always have available resources for our member queries.

Whether inquiring about our service prior to becoming a member, or further understanding the process that occurs at the maturity date of the loan, maintaining top customer experience matters. We want our customers to be as informed about the process as possible and, more importantly, to have the confidence that comes with knowing that a member of the SALT Team can be reached at any time.

Beyond the loan process, SALT members should know that they can reach out for general inquiries, trouble shooting, education around SALT Lending’s product line, or suggestions on how we can improve our business. If you’re already a SALT member or are simply interested in learning more, please contact us, at ANYTIME, with your questions at [email protected].