Episode 10

Money as a Means, Not an End

Griff Green

Founder of Giveth.io

Griff Green gave us a look into his thought process revolving around the problematic economical system presently in effect. Hear his vision for making the role of money in people’s life a positive one and how that could be possible with cryptocurrency and other technologies.

"I'm a digital currency "expert", evangelist and public speaker, holding a masters degree on the topic. I am well connected and well liked in the Ethereum ecosystem. I founded Giveth to build software to support decentralized communities growth and development especially centered around non-profit causes. My goal is to decentralize... EVERYTHING, empowering the individual whenever possible and to spread the good news of Digital Currencies around the world! If you want to understand why Digital Currencies matter... start here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1si5ZWLgy0"

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