What sets SALT apart?

Powerful Partnerships

Establishing relationships with governing entities, industry associations, and local and international organizations has allowed us to become a trusted financial services provider and expand the scope of our mission and offerings.

  • With SALT’s co-founder serving as a special advisor to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) we’re working together to promote policies and regulation for blockchain technology that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.
  • As a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce we assist in the Chamber’s mission to promote acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain-based technologies through education, advocacy, and working closely with policymakers and regulatory agencies.
  • The ADC Forum’s Global Blockchain Summit brings together world leading entrepreneurs, financiers, regulators, researchers and innovators with Australian business leaders to focus on strategies and practical applications for business growth. As a partner, SALT will inform attendees of the various uses and potential of blockchain technology.
  • Our continued expansion of lendable areas across the US and to countries like Bermuda, Brazil, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the UAE and Vietnam mean that people and businesses worldwide are gaining access to the financial freedom provided by accessibility to fiat currency through blockchain assets.

Unmatched Expertise

With an average of 21 years experience in industries like finance, accounting, technology and security, our leadership team is passionate about using their combined expertise to impact the financial freedom and potential of people and businesses all over the world.

  • Our development team, comprised of talented engineers and programmers from the likes of MIT, works to build and evolve the foundation of our products and services—our industry-leading SALT platform and software.
  • We are constantly investing in top-tier talent from across the country to become thought leaders in our industry and provide the most innovative, secure and intuitive products and services to our customers.

Superior Security

Our robust security measures have set a high standard among our peers in protecting the assets and information of all SALT customers, providing peace of mind when it comes to holding or investing in blockchain-based assets.

  • Our three-point security system protects your assets, reinforcing within all SALT systems and teams, through the SALT platform itself and within each personal account.
  • We never comingle or pool together customer assets, which allows near-real time monitoring of your unique account and provides certainty that your assets are there for you whenever you need to access them.

Access to Experts

We operate with a customer-first mindset because you’re the reason we come to work each day. Our platform may be automated, but our 24/7 customer service is as human as it gets.

  • Contact us whenever and however it’s convenient for you:
    • Call us on the phone, day or night—our friendly and helpful representatives in the US, Philippines and Mauritius are standing by.
    • Email our team directly through the SALT platform.
    • Direct message us on Twitter or Facebook at @SALTLending.
  • Because our goal is to help you accomplish yours, we also provide personal representatives during your time as a client.
    • Member Success Associate - often the first point of contact for current and potential members who have an interest in SALT. Responsibilities range from providing a basic overview of the company and its services to troubleshooting account issues and acting as the bridge between the public and our company.
    • Lending Associate - your point person to assist you throughout the loan process from origination to funding to loan servicing. They seek to deliver exceptional customer service—answering any questions you have about the loan process or product—and a smooth onboarding and borrower experience.

Transparent Technology

At SALT, we believe in transparency, which is why we’ve built an intuitive, automation-based platform that enables you to track loan health and portfolio value at near-real time. With patents pending and in place, our platform is the most sophisticated of its kind.

  • Feeding data into our near-real time Loan-to-Value (LTV) monitoring and portfolio monitoring systems, our platform tracks the values of multiple collateral types from multiple exchanges by calculating the volume weighted average, providing the most accurate price of your collateral possible.
  • Our automated notification system helps keep you up-to-date via phone, text and email so you’re alerted if and when your collateral declines in value.
  • Our dashboard view makes it easy to monitor your account from one place.

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