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SALT Lending Community Partners

The Community Partner Program aims to promote awareness for SALT focused initiatives discussing crypto assets and their underlying technology.

In the spirit of the Internet’s wide reach, both the technology that SALT is building and the people behind it have the potential to impact billions of people. SALT can become a crucial part of their daily lives.

SALT community partners seek to push the envelope about the development of blockchain technology with fundamental research, and by shedding light on the associated benefits, risks, and ethical quandaries. Beyond Blockchain-Backed Loans™ at SALT, we recognize the importance of decentralized communities fostering a diverse discussion.

Official SALT Lending Community Partners

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SALT Lending Discussion
SALT Lending Community

SALT looks to groups and organizations in the community to help us increase our impact through strategic collaborations.

SALT Lending Bulletins

SALT Lendings’ partnership ambition is to act as the most efficient facilitator of bringing great solutions to market. As partners, we will share the risks of being at the forefront of innovation as we will reap the benefits together as the market acknowledges our joint efforts.

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SALT Lending's community ambition is to act as the most efficient facilitator of conversation among blockchain focused social channels.
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